Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bjork "Medulla"

Bjork "Medulla"
released 8/31/04

I love Bjork. She is so good, very weird, but always moving forward and ahead with her music. The Icelandic Choir makes appearances on 6 tracks, and the London choir performs on one track, so you gotta expect some great back up vocals... and it lives up to expectations, and beyond. There are some very weird tracks, but that's Bjork for you. One song is sung in Icelandinc, so you can learn something and be entertained. Great lyrics, a little out there though. Best lyrics on "Constellation" and "Oceania". Get your groove on on track 14, reminds me of "Hyper-ballad"

Stand out tracks- #1. pleasure is all mine, #3. where is the line, #4. vokuro (Icelandic song), #6. who is it (carry my joy on the left, carry my pain on the right), #8. constellation, #9. oceania, #12. mouth's cradle, #14. triumph of a heart

It's Bjork, I can't compare her to anyone.. if you don't know who she is then smack yo-self


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