Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blood Brothers "Crimes"

Blood Brothers "Crimes"
released 10/12/04

At first I thought this album rocked, but the 3rd song mellowed out the album. After a first listen i was disappointed, I thought "Where did the crazyness of these motherfuckers go?" True, I believe this album is a lot more toned down than their other releases, but this is my favorite. I'm all more artist's maturing, but only when they are still making great releases, and this is an example of that. It's a very diverse album that goes from harsh guitars and shrieking vocals to singing and clean guitars. The shrieks are ear shattering but I love it. It is a very solid diverse album, thats all I can say. Listen to it a few times if you didn't like it at first.

Fans of Fear before the march of flames, Arab on Radar, and Hot Cross will enjoy this album

Favorite Tracks- #1 feed me to the forest, #2 trash flavored trash, #3 love rhymes with hideous car wreck, #4 peacock skeleton with crooked feathers, #6 rats and rats and rats for candy, .# crimes, #8 my first kiss at the public execution, #9 live at the apocalypse cabaret, #10 beatiful horses, #13 devastator


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