Sunday, October 09, 2005

Death Cab For Cutie "The John Byrd EP"

Death Cab For Cutie "The John Byrd EP"
limited edition

First off, it's Death Cab For Cutie. This is a 7 track, 8 song EP (there are 2 songs on track 7) Anyway, this was mixed awesome, because these tracks were recorded from 3 different shows. If you didn't look at the inside booklet you wouldn't have known, it was really done well. I would've preferred other tracks on this ep, but oh well, it's still good. They were entertaining between songs, not too much talking and boredom, kept it flowing, which was good. My ideal 8 track Death Cab live cd would be as follows; 1- The New Year, 2- Title Track, 3- company calls epilogue, 4- 405, 5- Photobooth, 6- We Laugh Indoors, 7- Title and Registration, 8- for what reason-- 3 of these are on this ep, and I did get to see Death Cab perform all my songs when I went to see them in Oct. Track 5, We Looked Like Giants, is 7 mins and 33 seconds long, they go into a freestyle jam kinda during the interlude, very excellent. Track 7, Blacking out the friction/brand new love, is a medley. They break into Brand New Love mid-blacking out the friction. If you haven't seen Death Cab for Cutie and would like to hear them live then I'd say buy this cd... they are near perfect.

Favorite Tracks- 1. we laugh indoors, 2. why you'd want to live here, 4. photobooth, 6. 405, 7. blacking out the friction / brand new love


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