Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Horse The Band "The Mechanical Hand"

Horse The Band "The Mechanical Hand"
released 9/20/05

The name should catch you right away. If it doesn't, maybe the fact that they're referred to as "nintendo-core" will arouse your interest. If it doesn't, then maybe their second album being produced by Matt Bayles will help? If none of these apply, then screw you! JK. HORSE THE BAND (bitch!) is back with their second album "The Mechanical Hand" produced by Matt Bayles of Minus The Bear. This is more polished than their rough first release "R. Borlax"-- and it lacks a lesbianic-exploration skit as heard on track 6 of "R. Borlax."

None the less, this is more matured (musically only) than their previous release. "R. Borlax" was like being on the Batman ride at Six Flags thats shoots you out at 60 something MPH and doesn't slow down until it's over. "The Mechanical Hand" is more like a wooden roller-coaster in that there are multiple ups and downs, there's moments where they are fast and blurring, then slower melodic guitars and vocals. There's even an instrumental (track 5)!!

They're heavier on the keyboards this time around as well, probably because Matt Bayles had a say in that. It really sets them apart from all hardcore and metal bands. It's very hard to pigeonhole them and compare them to a band. They have been referred to as "nintendo-core" and I really think that's lame, but personally, I think most labels are lame. It does sound like, though, a couple of 20 something year old guys who are totally into aggressive music, chugging guitar riffs, and Metroid got together and started making kick-ass, innovative and prgressiv hardcore. After hearing this album, if you are not inspired to atleast check out how much you could get an original NES for on eBay!, there's something wrong with you.

Stand out tracks- 1) Birdo (the single on their, 2) a million exploding suns, 3) Manateen, 6) softer sounds (which has the best bridge on the entire album), 7) Octopus on fire, 8 & 9 together) soaring quails (instrumental) taken by vultures, 10) a rusty glove, 12) LORD GOLD THRONEROOM (too nintendo for it's own good)


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