Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quantice Never Crashed "Quantice Never Crashed"

Quantice Never Crashed "Quantice Never Crashed"
released 10/26/04

Aside from being my younger brothers band, i fuckin love this band! The music is great and intense. The song writing and lyrics are great, it's just a solid hardcore album. I love Philly, the singer's, voice; He's got alot of power behind those young vocal chords. The guitars are technical, and i love the transitions between heavy to mellowness of the songs.

Fans of Hope Conspiracy, Hot Cross, and Thursday will dig them

Stand out tracks- #1 The physical setting of a dream (instrumental), #2 WIlliam Shatner's powergun, #3 paper airplanes, #4 shaolin casonova, #5 and 6- Any port in the storm and Lighthouses #7 Running Man, #9 good to the last drop, #10 Two bullets and a gun


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