Sunday, October 09, 2005

Some Girls "The DNA Will Have It's Say"

Some Girls "The DNA Will Have It's Say"
released 5/10/05

Well, by the time I'm done typing this review I could have played this album twice. I've read lot's of reviews on this album, and no one commented on the fact that its a 7 song EP and clocks in at a little over 6 minutes. But coming from Three One G records, you know what to expect. Something fast, loud, angry... and fast. Some Girls is like a super group, containing members from The Locust, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Give Up The Ghost, and Unbroken. Nothing really spectacular on this album, not to say it's not a solid EP. The vocals are shouted, not screamed. There's two singers, one of them is form the Locust, I'm not sure who the other singer is from- possibly Give Up The Ghost. Track 4 features the very sexy Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If I had to skip around and pick favorite tracks (which isn't needed, its only six minutes for christ's sake) I'd start with track 4, then go to 1, 2, then 7... but they are all good. Too hard to distinguish the songs. I know when I hear Karen's screaching that it's half way through the CD.

If you like the Locust or Give Up The Ghost I would recommend this. It's not as noisy and weird as the Locust, it's more straight up hardcore.


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