Sunday, October 09, 2005

Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer "The Popsicle EP"

Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer "The Popsicle EP"
released 9/16/04

By the name it sounds like the album cover should have a diesel greek god smashing the shit out of a monster with an axe shaped like a guitar, but in actuality the album cover should really look like the powerpuff girls fighting mojo jojo. This album is so damn pop that I LOVE it!! It's so friggin cute, I can't even describe it. I swear, music hasn't made me smile in a while, and if this album doesn't make you smile then you must be the most depressed person in the world. Its lead by a female vocalist, and has lots of keyboard/synthesizer. Awesome lyrics you don't have to think hard about to interpret and great music to go along. Track 4 by far is the poppiest song I've heard in a long time and I love it. Track 1 is still my favorite because it's about sex and has my favorite lyric "you're so cute and put out too". This band sounds like a japanese techno-pop group playing synth-indie-pop music, i dunno, it's weird but it totally works.

Fans of Red Hot Valentines and Aqua (the Barbie Girl song) will like this album

Stand out tracks- #1. argh.... I'm a pirate, #2. this was all a bad idea, #3. oh william, #4 crazy= cute


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